The American Plate


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Publisher: Sourcebooks
ISBN: 9781492609865
Cover type: Paperback
Publish date: 9/8/2015

The American Plate takes readers on a mouth-watering journey through America's culinary evolution into the vibrant foods we savor today. In 100 tantalizing bites, ranging from blueberries and bagels to Cracker Jack, peanut butter and hard cider, O'Connell explores the astonishing influences that have shaped our national diet and identity. Peppered throughout are recipes, photos and historical tidbits, like the surprising origins of graham crackers and corn flakes and our ancestors' odd delicacies, like grilled beaver tail. As our food culture changes and we face challenges and threats to our food sources and health, The American Plate offers insights into how we can use the tastes of our shared past to nourish our future.
LIBBY O’CONNELL, Ph.D, is an Emmy award-winning documentary producer, educator, historian, and preservationist. As Chief Historian and SVP of Corporate Outreach and Education for the History Channel and A+E Networks, Libby’s work in historic preservation and history education has been recognized by the White House. She lives in New York.

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