Sweet, Savory, Spicy

Sarah Tiong

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Publisher: Page Street Publishing
ISBN: 9781645670469
Cover type: Hardcover
Publish date: 6/9/2020

From stir-fries to dumplings, meatballs and more, Sarah Tiong, former MasterChef Australia finalist, brings the adventurous flavors of southeastern Asian street food to the home cook.

Sarah Tiong opens up a new world of flavor from Laotian Meatballs and Cambodian Pork Chops to Chicken and Beef Satay in this exciting southeast Asian street food cookbook. With fantastic recipes straight from the food markets of Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia and more, you can explore all the crispy, spicy, sweet and savory flavors of these diverse countries.

Satisfy your culinary curiosity through a hearty mix of snacks, shared plates and platters that highlight the most popular street foods in southeast Asia. Find new favorite foods for every occasion from a wide range of cuisines and techniques. Snack on Curry Fishballs, share a tray of Crispy Pork Belly Stir-Fried with Basil and polish off Banana Fritters for dessert. Whether it’s steamed, fried or barbecued, every recipe in this book will fill your table with surprising, delicious dishes.

This book contains 60 recipes and 60 photos.

Sarah Tiong, creator of her international food blog of the same name, was a finalist on MasterChef Australia. Sarah has been featured in The Daily Mail, the Sydney Morning Herald and the Daily Telegraph; she also runs a market stall called Pork Party. She lives in Sydney, Australia.

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