Sugar Detox in 10 Days

Pam Rocca

$15.29 $16.99
Publisher: Rockridge Press
ISBN: 9781646117529
Cover type: Paperback
Publish date: 5/5/2020

This 10-day sugar detox meal plan provides a simple way to curb sugar cravings without requiring expensive ingredients and includes 4 plans for varied diets.

The natural, 10-day way to curb sugar and cleanse your body

Sugar Detox in 10 Days will walk you through the process of cutting refined sugar from your diet and then reintroducing the proper foods in order to help you lose weight, improve digestion, and boost your energy.

Explore 4 different 10-day meal plans, and more than 100 delicious, sugar-free recipes (like chocolate truffles and Greek burgers), made with simple ingredients that are widely available. You’ll also find everything from weekly shopping lists to meal prep guides to help you make the commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

Sugar Detox in 10 Days includes:

  • Enough to go around—These recipes include modifications for vegans, vegetarians, and pescatarians.
  • Shop smart—Give your pantry a sugar detox makeover, and fill it with wholesome grains, leafy greens, and healthy fats.
  • Beyond diet—Discover how stress can hinder your healthy eating goals, and uncover healthy ways to manage feelings through activities like mindfulness and journaling.

Sugar detox the right way with dozens of recipes and customizable plans that make it easy.

Pam Rocca is a nutritionist and health coach who is passionate about simplifying health for everyone. She loves to create easy and nutritious recipes, which she shares on her blog, You can also see what she's creating each week on Instagram @pam_rocca.

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