Sin azúcar ni mantequilla: Los mejores dulces que uno pueda imaginar / Without Sugar or Butter

Miriam Garcia Martinez

$20.66 $22.95
Publisher: Grijalbo
ISBN: 9788417752552
Cover type: Paperback
Publish date: 6/23/2020

Everything you need to learn in order to prepare sweet dishes without using unnecessary fats or sugars.

Miriam García, owner of the El invitado de invierno (The Winter Guest) blog, photographer, and culinary writer, teaches you how to bake sweets with light sweeteners or natural sweeteners so that you reduce your sugar and butter intake without losing not even an ounce of taste.

In this book you will find a series of unpublished recipes, along with pictures of the author herself: cookies, biscuits, fruit tarts, ice cream, pastries, and sweets for breakfast.

The theoretical base will help you get the most out of healthy ingredients and make the best concoctions without having a guilty conscience.

Miriam García (Madrid, 1964) is a chemical engineer. After fifteen years working in the sector, she left the profession to work as a freelance technical translator.

As a result of the crisis, he considered combining translations with his true passion: cooking, which he discovered when he began his career in the world of blogging with "The Winter Guest".

Due to her dietary limitations, such as diabetes and lactose intolerance, Miriam is especially interested in the dietary and nutritional ins and outs of the recipes she prepares. 

His culinary training - practically self-taught - has led him to teach thematic cooking courses in schools in Madrid, such as Alambique and The Box Cooking. 

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