Raised in the Kitchen

Carrian Cheney

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Publisher: Shadow Mountain
ISBN: 9781629728452
Cover type: Paperback
Publish date: 4/27/2021

From the time her children were toddlers, family cooking blogger Carrian Cheney found creative ways to get her children interested in cooking, partly to teach them basic kitchen skills so they could be part of the solution when they were hungry and partly to instill in them a joy of creating and presenting delicious meals, as her own mother had taught her.

From food prep to clean-up, this unique cookbook guides the way through every step, including meal lists and easy-to-follow recipes, and features dollops of heartwarming family stories, insights, and kid-friendly food activities to keep young chefs focused on fun in the kitchen.

The book includes 75 recipes that begin with basics such as fried eggs, pizza dough, and baked potatoes. As new cooking skills are learned, the recipes progress to guaranteed kid favorites like chocolate chip pancakes, steak fajitas, and apple dumplings. Recipes are joined with tips to help home chefs master the art of cooking, from stocking a pantry to proper kitchen etiquette and safety to how to add flair to a table setting—even how to coax a picky eater by tempting their tastebuds.

Raised in the Kitchen is a cookbook for parents and kids about much more than learning to love to cook. It’s about bringing families together with cooking memories that will last a lifetime.

Table of Contents:
  • Pantry Staples
  • Essential Tools
  • How to create a shopping list
  • How to set a table
  • Tips on salt
  • Breads
  • Breakfast
  • Side Dishes
  • Knife Safety 101
  • Main Dishes
  • Cleaning tips
  • Desserts

Carrian Cheney blogs at "Oh, Sweet Basil" about her unique recipes and promotes her philosophy that spending time together in the kitchen is about more than eating a meal.

She and her husband are parents to three children who learned very early that they all had roles in the kitchen and learning about food and meal prep was important to their family.

While sometimes cooking with kids can be slower and certainly messier, the memories created and the skills learned will last a lifetime.

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