¡Que viva la cocina! Recetas caseras y fáciles para todos los bolsillos / Hooray for Cooking! Easy Homemade Recipes for all Budgets

Gorka Barredo

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Publisher: Grijalbo Ilustrados
ISBN: 9788417338404
Cover type: Paperback
Publish date: 8/20/2019

Gorka Barredo presents easy, economical, and fast recipes.

Hi, recipe-hounds!

My name is Gorka Barredo, and while they may call me “YouTuber,” “blogger,” or “influencer,” I prefer to be known as a cook: one who has the quirk of sharing his recipes online.

In Hooray for Cooking!, I have compiled 70 recipes for you that can’t be found on my blog, my YouTube channel, or my Facebook page. Appetizers, main dishes, and desserts that, like all dishes that I’m known for, are homemade, easy, cheap, and great for anyone.

It doesn’t matter if you have lots of cooking experience or not, because the best cook in the world isn’t the one who prepares the best food, but the one who puts the most enthusiasm into their cooking.

Gorka Barredo was born and lives in Vitoria, although she has spent part of her life in Palencia. With the economic crisis he had to reinvent himself. He began to research, train, read and watch cooking shows and thus discovered that this was his true passion. In 2014, and almost by chance, he opened his YouTube channel, ¡Que viva la cocina !, his English counterpart (Food & Cooking), the blog (CocinaCaseraYFacil.net) and his Facebook page. Visits and followers soon began to rise, and today many learn to cook with Gorka every week.

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