Plants-Only Kitchen

Gaz Oakley

$24.75 $27.50
Publisher: Quadrille Publishing
ISBN: 9781787134980
Cover type: Hardcover
Publish date: 5/12/2020

Plants-Only Kitchen offers an explosion of flavour, with more than 70 vegan recipes that work around your lifestyle. With symbols flagging whether recipes are high-protein, take less than 15 minutes, are gluten-free, one-pot or are suitable for meal prep, Plants-Only Kitchen explains how best to make a vegan diet work for you. No fuss, no fancy ingredients - just fantastic food using plants, only.
Gaz Oakley (aka @avantgardevegan) has amassed well over a million followers on social media with his exciting vegan dishes, which emphasize that a plant-based diet doesn't mean missing out on taste. In Plants-Only Kitchen, Gaz's recipes are easier than ever before - following his step-by-step instructions, tips and advice, anyone can cook great vegan food.

Gaz Oakley is passionate about vegan cooking. He became a chef in Cardiff, UK, at the age of 15. Inspired to follow a healthier lifestyle, he decided to change his diet and go vegan.

Using the techniques he had learned working as a professional chef, he started devising beautiful, innovative vegan dishes.

His Instagram and youtube channel @avantgardevegan has been phenomenally successful. His books Vegan 100 and Vegan Christmas were instant hits worldwide.

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