Petite Pâtisserie

Cheryl Wakerhauser

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Publisher: Page Street Publishing
ISBN: 9781645670421
Cover type: Hardcover
Publish date: 8/25/2020

Cheryl has always been on the cutting edge of French pastry and now she brings her modern approach to popular, quintessentially French desserts like macarons, bon bons, petits fours and more.

Cheryl Wakerhauser, owner of the award-winning Pix Patisserie, provides step-by-step instructions along with tips and tricks to demystify the art of French desserts and candies, making patisserie more approachable for home bakers and aspiring pastry chefs. This is a great introduction for those who are looking to expand their skills, or who want to learn about French pastry outside of the more complicated, traditional classics.

French patisserie is a study in components, and Cheryl breaks each recipe down, providing information on classic techniques while imbuing each recipe with a new twist. Her petits fours combine mango and passion fruit mousse, coconut meringue and almond cake to create the perfect harmony of flavor and texture. Cheryl’s macarons, a staple for any French dessert enthusiast, have just the right amount of rose flavor, and are miniaturized to be the size of candies.

Cheryl’s ingenuity, incredible flavors, and knowledge of techniques are what make her desserts so popular and award-winning. Having the guidance of such an accomplished chef will make this a must-have resource for both aspiring pastry chefs and home bakers.

This book will have 45 recipes and 50 photos.

Cheryl Wakerhauser is the executive chef and owner of Pix Patisserie and author of Modern French Pastry. She trained with MOF Philippe URRACA, a prestigious patisserie located in southern France. She has been featured in multiple publications and has won awards in both France and the US. She lives in Portland, OR.

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