Party Cakes

The Enthusiast

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Publisher: The Enthusiast
ISBN: 9781942334149
Cover type: Hardcover
Publish date: 2/15/2019

With GLITTERTASTIC cover Party Cakes - make any occasion a party!

Cut-up cakes aren't just for children, they are for everyone who loves a fun and easy baking project. They are for marking family milestones, holidays, and turning ordinary occasions into celebrations! Cut-up cakes are a breeze to make, you don't need special pans or tools, just some bright icing, a groovy attitude, and a lot of coconut!

You simply bake your favorite cake in a standard-size pan ... the trick is all in the cutting, simple and fun to do. Party cakes has a cool retro vibe and modern recipes for making great cakes and having fun doing it!

The Enthusiast publishes books and paper goods. Subjects include, vintage how-to, retro-cooking and home economics, holidays and celebrations, games and puzzles, graphic design, classic children's literature, illustrated literature and poetry, humour.

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