Nut Butter

Carolyn Cesario

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Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
ISBN: 9781449499488
Cover type: Hardcover
Publish date: 9/17/2019

From the co-founders of Portland's Ground Up Nut Butters comes a book of delicious and easy-to-make nut butter recipes to incorporate into a healthy diet.

NUT BUTTER is a guide for those looking to make their own nut butters, as well as to incorporate more nut butter into your life in a healthy way. After making countless nut butters over the years, from some major hits (Cinnamon Snickerdoodle was a happy accident) to some, well…odder, concoctions (don’t ever make balsamic nut butter!), Julie and Carolyn share their wisdom so that you can make the perfect nut butter at home, too.

All recipes will be peanut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free … but they’re so delicious that you wouldn’t even know it! You'll come away with the tools and know-how to make your own nut butters, as well as some helpful tips and recipes on how to use nut butters in your everyday cooking. But more than that, you'll feel less intimidated to start preparing healthy and delicious food. Food that fuels your body and makes you feel great!

Carolyn is the creative mastermind behind Ground Up’s delicious and unique nut butter flavors. She has cultivated her cooking skills through her travels, food blog, and her work as a freelance recipe developer.

But the most inspiration came when Carolyn was diagnosed with SIBO at 26 and was forced to vastly transform her diet to one free of any additives including sugar and oil. Her homemade nut butters became her “sweet treat” and soon friends began asking for it.

Soon after she met Julie, Ground Up was born where Carolyn handles all marketing, social media, and product development. Carolyn has a business degree from Babson College and a background in online marketing and digital consulting.

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