Nitza Villapol. Cocina al minuto / Easy, Fast Recipes with a Cuban Flair


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ISBN: 9781949061697
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Publish date: 3/19/2019

The legendary Nitza Villapol’s most emblematic recipes, explained step-by-step and seasoned with a little bit of history and useful information.

Several generations of Cubans welcomed Nitza Villapol into their homes through her television program, Cocina al minuto (Quick Cooking), which was on the air for more than 40 years. Thanks to her books, those delicious recipes have spread across the island and beyond. Now, in these pages, Nitza’s legacy crosses other borders and arrives in Hispanic homes across the US.


Quick Cooking contains hundreds of recipes to prepare grains like rice and corn; soups—some with multiple variations—; beef, poultry, and fish including the traditional ropa vieja and picadillo; and salads and condiments. It also contains dozens of recipes for preparing vegetables, sauces, and delicious desserts.

Sisi Colomina, Nitza Villapol’s heir, has not only compiled the recipes, she also transmits the lessons of this master cook, who tells us the origins of various dishes and their nutritional value, along with advice for preparing and serving them.

With Quick Cooking, you, too, can enjoy the flavors of traditional Cuban cooking in your own home.

Nitza Villapol (New York, 1923 - Havana, 1998) was the director, writer, announcer and host of the Cuban television program, Cocina al minute, for 44 years, and published several recipe books under the same name.

Master of Economics, Art and Domestic Sciences at the School of the Home and a doctorate in Pedagogy from the University of Havana, her work in general is the result of scientific studies, endorsed by courses and postgraduate courses on Dietetics and Nutrition in Cuba, England and Nigeria .

Throughout her life, Nitza published thousands of cooking recipes and writings on nutrition, culinary habits, and general advice in books, newspapers, and magazines such as Bohemia, where she maintained a weekly section from 1960 until her death.

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