Modernist Bread French Edition

Nathan Myhrvold

$562.50 $625.00
Publisher: The Cooking Lab
ISBN: 9780999292921
Cover type: Hardcover
Publish date: 9/17/2019

Conceived by the team behind Modernist Cuisine: Culinary Arts and Sciences published in 2011, Modernist Bread is the most comprehensive work to date on bread. Discover over the five volumes the results of four years of research and collaboration between bakery professionals and scientists.

Immerse yourself in the incredible history of bread through breathtaking photographs and discover breads from all over the world and the breathtaking beauty of the scientific phenomena involved in baking. Follow the innovative and original tips, techniques and recipes developed by the Modernist Cuisine team.

These five volumes, stored in an elegant stainless steel box, present more than 1,500 traditional and modernist recipes as well as a spiral chef's manual summarizing them so that they are always at hand. With its 2,300 pages, Modernist Bread is a must-have for all those who wish to know more about bread or who wish to develop their know-how.

This book invites all bakers, whether they are conservatives, modernists, amateurs, restaurant chefs or artisan bakers to seize the possibilities of innovation and follow their inspiration to create unique breads. The Modernist Cuisine team is an interdisciplinary group in Bellevue, Washington, founded by Nathan Myhrvold. The team included scientists, research and development chefs, a full editorial and photography department, and business and marketing staff all dedicated to advancing the science of the culinary arts through creativity and experimentation.

Nathan Myhrvold is a photographer, founder of Modernist Cuisine, author of The Photography of Modernist Cuisine, and co-author of Modernist Cuisine, Modernist Cuisine at Home, Modernist Bread, and the forthcoming Modernist Pizza. He was the first chief technology officer at Microsoft and is currently the cofounder and CEO of Intellectual Ventures. He holds a doctorate in theoretical and mathematical physics, along with two master's degrees, and earned a culinary diploma in France. His food photography is on sale at Modernist Cuisine Gallery.

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