Modern Scandinavian Baking

Daytona Strong

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Publisher: Rockridge Press
ISBN: 9781646116188
Cover type: Paperback
Publish date: 4/14/2020

A practical Scandinavian baking book with recipes for bakers of all levels, in a modern and value-priced package, celebrating the culture and sweet and savory treats of the region.

Master the art and heart of Scandinavian baking—60+ authentic recipes

Now you can whip up a slice of Scandinavian hospitality in the comfort of your own kitchen! Modern Scandinavian Baking is a complete guide for bakers of all levels who want to create the sweet and savory treats of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

From breads, to pastries, cakes, and cookies, there’s a simple and scrumptious recipe to delight everyone in this beautifully designed Scandinavian cookbook. Enjoy contemporary takes on classic bakes, plus a comprehensive guide to stocking your pantry with Scandinavian staples, like rye flour, cardamom, baker’s ammonia, and beyond.

This Scandinavian cookbook includes:

  • Baker’s dozen—Discover 13 simple rules for achieving the best results with the recipes in this Scandinavian cookbook.
  • Regional basics—Learn Scandinavian baking foundations, from the cultural origins of cornerstone foods, to techniques like kneading dough, and essential tools like potato ricers, rolling pins, and pastry brushes.
  • Helpful tips—Get convenient pointers for serving and storing your baked goods, plus tips on how to adjust the recipes in this Scandinavian cookbook for specific allergens.

If you’ve been searching for a Scandinavian cookbook that offers modern twists to the region’s traditional baked goods, look no further—this one has you covered!

Daytona Strong is a journalist-turned-food-writer who specializes in Nordic cooking and the connection between food and heritage.

Her writing has appeared in a number of regional and national publications, including The Oregonian and Edible Seattle. Visit her online at

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