Mixology - Happy Hour Astrology Guide

Chev Darling

$11.66 $12.95
Publisher: Laughing Elephant
ISBN: 9781514911945
Cover type: Hardcover
Publish date: 2/15/2019

This astrology-slash-cocktail guide contains the recipes for 44 famous drinks along with bartending tips, conversation starters, and astrology information! Perfect for a night in with friends, Mixology is a truly unique guide to both fortune-telling wisdom and a good time.

What's your sign? This classic line becomes all the more useful with Mixology - The Happy Hour Astrology Guide. Spin the wheel and find out your sign’s drink with this handy book.

Mixology offers 44 famous mixed-drink recipes, plus bartending tips, conversation starters, and the properties, birth gems, and lucky numbers of the twelve signs! Arranged by sign and by liquor type, Mixology does double duty for those who are ruled by the stars - with a stiff drink in their hand! The book includes the recipes for such drinks as: Manhattan Taurus, Gimlet Gemini, Kamikaze Cancer, Margarita Leo, Mint Julep Virgo, Aperol Spritz Libra, Tequila Sunrise Scorpio, Stinger Sagittarius, Screwdriver Capricorn, Gin and Tonic Aquarius, Juan Collins Pisces, Club Cocktail, and more.

Be the star of happy hour. This duel astrology-cocktail guide is the perfect gift or coffee-table conversation piece. Enjoy a drink tonight with Mixology - it’s in the stars.

Chev Darling is a graphic designer and specialist in vintage illustration and design.

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