Messy In The Kitchen

Renée Paquette

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Publisher: Permuted Press
ISBN: 9781682619384
Cover type: Hardcover
Publish date: 5/18/2021

A cookbook for quirky home cooks looking to impress friends and family with a fancy meal, delicious cocktails, and intoxicating conversation.

Television personality Renée Paquette brings passion, experimentation, and an overly confident-in-the-kitchen attitude to home cooking. When she’s not traveling around the world for work, she loves to stay within the confines of her home and Instagram-Live her experiences, cooking up mouth-watering, house-transforming meals for friends, family, neighbors…and all of their dogs.

She thinks nothing of toiling over a hot stove while also providing sweet, cozy ambiance for anyone who walks through the door. Whether you’re hosting over the holidays, planning an anniversary dinner, or just feel like throwing back some cocktails and lining your belly with carbs, Renée's got you covered.

Messy In The Kitchen is an array of over sixty feel-good, feel-fancy meals, including appetizers, sides, salads, soups, and cocktails, (and the playlists to accompany them), to inspire a new generation of home cooks. Full of Renee’s passion for cooking, readers will be inspired and empowered to toss the take-out menus, put together a guest list, set the table, roll up their sleeves, and dare to get a little messy in the kitchen!

Renée pulls from her foodie-family roots and guides you through the sometimes overwhelming process of making everything just right, including tips for entertaining and planning the perfect event. She offers the secrets and recipes you need to bring a bit of pizzazz to your home and make your dinner or dinner party a smash hit!

Renee Paquette has been working in television for over a decade. She was the first female commentator for Monday Night Raw on USA network, and a trailblazer in her own right in the world of sports entertainment and broadcasting.

She has been featured on Total Divas on E! and Fox Sports, continually expanding her resume.

A proud Canadian, Renee grew up in a family of food lovers, and she loves nothing more than stepping out on a culinary limb in hopes that her food creations will be the talk of the table.

As a first-time author, she’s really hoping this book paves the way for many more!

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