Lunes sin carne: Consejos y recetas para cuidar de tu alimentación y del planeta / Meatless Monday: Tips and Recipes to Take Care of Your Diet and the Planet

Raquel Bernacer

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Publisher: Vergara
ISBN: 9788418045547
Cover type: Paperback
Publish date: 5/18/2021

The concept of Meatless Monday is presented as an interesting initiative for those who want to start eating healthier, increase their vegetable consumption, and reduce their intake of foods coming from animals, at least one day a week.

Telling people to stop eating meat and start eating chickpeas is not very realistic, however, we can provide tools and advice so they can at least reduce animal consumption. And this is what this book is about, helping you reduce the amount of meat you eat, because practicing Meatless

Monday is an excellent way to contribute to your overall health and that of the planet, as well discovering that there are other ways of eating.

We consume an excess of foods derived from animals, which has a negative impact on people’s health and that of the planet. As a consequence, vegetarianism, in several of its forms, has gained relevance in the general population as a solution to the ethical and sustainability problem that derives from our high consumption of animals. However, despite the increasing awareness, many people do not feel ready to take the step towards vegetarianism.

Raquel Bernácer has been a nutritionist dietitian for twenty years, as well as a university expert in Food Education and a master's degree in Nutrigenomics and Personalized Nutrition.

A lover of cooking, she expanded her culinary knowledge at the Hofmann cooking school and specialized in vegetarian cooking at the Rouxbe school. She is the co-author of Eating or not eating.

Falsehoods and myths of food, author of Learn to have breakfast. Healthy recipes to start the day with energy and creator of Alimentarte, a blog where she shares her passion for gastronomy, health and nutrition that has recently also become a podcast.

She currently works as a culinary nutrition consultant in the Netherlands and collaborates with media such as El Comidista.

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