LOST iN Veggies

LOST iN the City GmbH

$11.70 $13.00
Publisher: Lost In City Guides
ISBN: 9783946647249
Cover type: Paperback
Publish date: 2/1/2021

Colourful recipes from wonderful chefs worldwide, curated music for each dish, and a bold artist cookbook from 1990s... Get lost in the world of flavour Our second cookbook brings renowned chefs from all over the world and their recipes to your home once again. This time the cusineiers have been chosen for outstanding skill in the ways of the vegetable.
The ride will take you on a global gourmet tour of unique restaurants in Los Angeles, Berlin, Amsterdam, London, and Istanbul. In keeping with our M.O., we're covering all bases-from street food to fine dining; from essence if simplicity to orgies of fermentation.
Not only will you emerge with cutting-edge ideas for your cuisine, but you'll also share in the atmosphere of our favourite spots. That's why each recipe comes with a curated music playlist.

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