LOST iN Cooks

LOST iN the City

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Publisher: Lost In City Guides
ISBN: 9783000659386
Cover type: Paperback
Publish date: 11/1/2020

From a traditional salted cod recipe from a Reykjavik chef all the way to a sweet Rosewater Pavlova recipe from an Australian chef in Berlin, LOST iN Cooks is packed with eleven appetite-blustering recipes. Plenty of photography set the scene whilst interviews with the chefs go a bit deeper into the story of each recipe as well as how it can best be enjoyed at home. Playlists and Ingredients lists are accessible on your phone.

LOST iN is a travel guide for people who prefer their itineraries low-key and their souvenirs intangible-unless they're of the impeccably-designed variety.

It's a guide for those on first-name terms with the places they visit, free from tourist traps and full of ways to discover what it is that makes the world's greatest cities all that great.

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