Ketogenic Diet for Two

Thomas Martens

$16.19 $17.99
Publisher: Rockridge Press
ISBN: 9781647391768
Cover type: Paperback
Publish date: 9/8/2020

This is the most trustworthy Keto diet book for two -- with vetted and accurate information, recipes, nutritional calculations, and serving sizes suited specifically for two people.

The easier way to succeed on a ketogenic diet—all you need is a buddy

The ketogenic diet is one of the most popular diets for lasting weight loss and total health. But getting started can feel like an overwhelming lifestyle change—especially if you’re doing it alone. Ketogenic Diet for Two is here to help by teaching you how to embrace the keto diet with two people in mind.

Whether you’ve paired up with a partner, friend, roommate, or family member, both of you will enjoy tasty dishes like Chicken Alfredo and Glazed Chocolate Donuts that make it easy to stay in ketosis together. By taking on keto as a team, you can support each other and stay motivated—without the guesswork and without boring leftovers.

Ketogenic Diet for Two features:

  • Enough variety for both of you—Dig into 100 different high-fat, low-carb recipes that have been carefully measured and portioned for two.
  • Why keto?—Get the scoop on the different advantages of eating a ketogenic diet and the right way to form good habits you can stick to for the long term.
  • Expert advice—Find clear instructions on transitioning into the ketogenic diet, along with reliable nutritional calculations including net carbs and macro counts, plus tips on stocking a complete keto kitchen.

This ketogenic diet book is perfectly suited for two people, making it fun and tasty to transform your health.

THOMAS MARTENS is the founder of popular YouTube channel and website Black Sheep Keto, where he produces keto recipes and guides people through the ketogenic lifestyle.

After five years, one hundred pounds lost, and hundreds of hours of recipe experimentation, Tom wrote Ketogenic Diet for Two as a way to spread his knowledge and help even more people achieve their weight loss goals.

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