How to Drink Gin

Sue Telford

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Publisher: RedDoor Press
ISBN: 9781913062002
Cover type: Hardcover
Publish date: 9/1/2020

A gorgeous guide to gin, perfect for those who don't yet know much about this increasingly popular spirit

For those who love gin but don’t know much about it . . . yet! Juniper juice, Mother’s Ruin, heavenly spirit. Whatever you call it, gin is fast becoming the UK's favorite tipple, and once again Britain is in the middle of a gin craze.
But how many people really know their juniper berries when it comes to gin? How to Drink Gin is a practical, cookery-style book about gin that demystifies this most exciting and versatile of spirits. Fully illustrated with beautiful photographs and line drawings, this book makes gin culture and cocktails accessible and fun.
Discover how gin is made, read up on key botanicals, learn how to properly taste gin, "build" your own go-to gin cabinet, create simple but effective garnishes, and master a few classic gin cocktails on the way.

Sue Telford is a writer and gin blogger with a passion for craft gin and home distilling.

In 2017, inspired by the gin revolution, she bought a tiny 4L air still which she modified to enable her to distill to within a tenth of a degree and gained her rectifiers and compounders licenses.

As a keen cook, she loved experimenting with flavors in the kitchen and it, therefore, seemed natural to turn her 9ft by 9ft kitchen into a part-time gin distillery where you can find her most weekends, foraging, macerating, steeping, distilling, and tasting.

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