Healthy Vegan, Happy Body

Tess Challis

$17.99 $19.99
Publisher: Rockridge Press
ISBN: 9781646118809
Cover type: Paperback
Publish date: 5/26/2020

This complete vegan cookbook will be a go-to tool for new and experienced vegans alike, offering a large selection of nutritious meals that include minimal amounts of processed foods (white flour, refined sugar, oils, salt, etc.) and promote a healthy lifestyle.


You went vegan, now go healthy vegan

When you have the foods you love every day, eating healthy is hassle-free. Vegan cookbooks like Healthy Vegan, Happy Body can be your all-in-one resource for reaping the many benefits of a healthy vegan diet. Think extra energy, reduced inflammation, and even financial savings!

Vegan cookbooks like this can help you discover the uniquely satisfying flavors of a plant-based diet with recipes like Pad Thai, World’s Healthiest Mac and Cheese, and Mint Chocolate Chip Nice Cream. With go-to information on a healthy vegan lifestyle and recipes that minimize salt, oil, and refined flours and sugars, becoming a healthy vegan using vegan cookbooks has never been so easy or tasty.

Inside one of the most comprehensive vegan cookbooks, you’ll find:

  • Stock and prep—Make the transition to healthy eating fast and simple using the included tips to set up your kitchen with pantry essentials and nourishing staples.
  • Easy labels—Find the perfect dishes for you with clearly marked labels to show whether recipes are gluten-free, leftover-friendly, fast to prepare, and more.
  • WFPB options—For vegans who abide by the whole-foods, plant-based diet, look for numerous recipes that eliminate salt, oil, sugar, and other processed foods, plus tips for making other recipes WFPB-friendly.

See how vegan cookbooks like Healthy Vegan, Happy Body are the key to loving what you eat.

Tess Challis helps people create their own recipe for success, in food and in life-one doable step at a time. She's been featured in Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, and on television networks including ABC, NBC, and CBS. Tess lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and combats the heat by drinking a bit too much kombucha.

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