Guía para el vegano (im)perfecto / Guide for the (Im)Perfect Vegan

Marta Martínez Canal

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Publisher: Vergara
ISBN: 9788416076918
Cover type: Paperback
Publish date: 4/23/2019

The imperfect guide for starting veganism, by the creator of @midietavegana (My Vegan Diet). More than 100,000 followers on Instagram.

This book is geared for all those who want to take the plunge into veganism, who seek to live without harming animals, and who are trying to reduce their meat consumption healthfully and while respecting the environment.

The intention is to go beyond vegetables to offer answers and reflections about the most common doubts when opting for a vegan lifestyle:

.-What clothing is appropriate?

.-Where do the most unexpected ingredients of animal origin hide?

.-What is the impact of veganism on social relationships?

.-What can I feed my dog?

Marta Martínez, creator of @midietavegana (My Vegan Diet), clears up all of these questions in a clear, concise way, turning this guide into the company that many vegans like her would have wanted to have on their path to guilt-free veganism.

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Marta Martínez is dedicated to communication and social networks and has a master's degree in Nutrition and Health from the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). Her concern for the environment led her to become a vegetarian at the age of nineteen. Almost a decade ago, the reality of farm animals convinced her to turn to veganism.

Since 2013, through his personal project on Instagram, My Vegan Diet - where he has managed to bring together a community of more than one hundred thousand people who are looking for simple dishes and healthy recipes - he shows every day that eating healthy and vegan is much easier than some believe. "Veganism is not a diet, I am on a diet."

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