Good & Proper Tea

Emilie Holmes

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Publisher: Kyle Books
ISBN: 9780857837660
Cover type: Hardcover
Publish date: 11/5/2019

Everyone knows that nothing can beat a good cup of tea. But with so many of us relying on our daily brew, isn't it time we started giving it the attention and credit it deserves? Emilie Holmes started Good & Proper Tea with the intention of changing the tea market one cup at a time, and in this gorgeously presented book she and Ben Benton share their passion for tea with tips, techniques and recipes.

Discover how to brew the perfect cup of tea, considering water type and temperature, timings and strength. Learn the difference between oolong and jasmine tea, and how to make your own blends and tisanes. The book also includes recipes for different tea-based drinks and cocktails, including Darjeeling and Vanilla Ice Tea, Turmeric and Lemongrass Latte, and an Oolong Mojito. There's also a selection of tempting ways to cook with tea, such as a Rooibos, Orange and Poppyseed Cake, and Earl Grey and Cardamom Sugar Buns.

From a cup of classic builder's to a fragrant floral blend, this is a celebration of the ritual and joy of tea.
Emilie Holmes was born in Paris and lived in France, Portugal, New York and India, before settling in the UK, where she worked in advertising. In 2012 she left the corporate world on her mission to change the UK tea market.

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