Fresh and Light

Donna Hay

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Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 9780732295639
Cover type: Paperback
Publish date: 4/8/2014

Fresh and Light is full of new recipes that combine the freshest ingredients, pantry staples, and personal tricks for a lighter touch.

Fresh and Light is my answer to my own best efforts to juggle for the perfect balance. Designed to complement, my existing repertoire, it’s full of new recipes that combine the freshest ingredients, pantry staples, and my personal tricks for a lighter touch. I’ve never been a fan of diets and this book is no exception. I don’t even like the thought of anyone being on a diet! For me, it’s always been about balance. Fresh and Light is mindful of fat and carbohydrates, but is focused on flavor and variety - without the guilt. Divided by meal, Fresh and Light is a solution-packed book of recipes loaded with power foods to give you the balance you need across your week. There are light breakfasts, tasty lunch box tips, and fast dinner solutions to give you ideas for every time of the day. We all have our guilty pleasures in life. Fresh and Light lets you enjoy them and is for all those times when you’re seeking something a little more virtuous. And that’s really the best kind of indulgence of all - the one with balance.
At the age of eight, Donna Hay skipped into a kitchen, picked up a mixing bowl, and never looked back. She moved to the world of magazine test kitchens and publishing, where she established her trademark style of simple, smart, and seasonal recipes all beautifully put together and photographed. It is food for every cook, every food lover, every day, and every occasion. Her unique style turned her into an international food-publishing phenomenon as a bestselling author of 20 cookbooks, publisher of Donna Hay Magazine, newspaper columnist, and creator of housewares and food range.

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