Foie Gras

Norman Kolpas

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Publisher: Reaktion Books
ISBN: 9781789143775
Cover type: Hardcover
Publish date: 4/10/2021

Alternately glorified and reviled, foie gras is one of the most contentious delicacies of French cuisine. But as this book shows, it is also an ingredient with a long and widespread history.

Few ingredients inspire more soaring praise and provoke greater outrage than foie gras. Literally meaning “fat liver,” foie gras is traditionally produced by force-feeding geese or ducks, a process which has become the object of widespread controversy and debate. In Foie Gras: A Global History, Norman Kolpas strives to provide a balanced account of this luxurious ingredient’s history and production from ancient Egypt to modern times.
Kolpas also explores how foie gras has inspired famous writers, artists, and musicians including Homer, Herman Melville, Isaac Asimov, Claude Monet, and Gioachino Antonio Rossini. The book includes a guide to purchasing, preparing, and serving foie gras, as well as ten easy recipes, from classic dishes to contemporary treats.
Norman Kolpas is a widely published writer and editor on lifestyle topics, including food, art, architecture, and travel. The author of more than forty books, he also writes for magazines including Southwest Art and Western Art & Architecture. He is based in Los Angeles.

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