Find Your Wine

Kaytie Norman

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Publisher: Media Lab Books
ISBN: 9781948174107
Cover type: Hardcover
Publish date: 4/30/2019

This hip and eye-catching "populist" guide to wine teaches readers how to select, describe, pair, buy and discuss wine with ease and confidence using simple flavor profiles.


- Fun approach to understanding wine, covering tastings, pairings, regions regions and more
- Makes learning easy, with infographics and bright, memorable visuals
- Foreword by Victoria James, Food & Wine's "Sommelier of the Year"

Do you love wine, but always buy bottles at random? Or are you afraid to branch out from the few types you know you like? Then this book is for you. It's a bright, bold, visual guide that cuts through the complexities of wine to focus on what the casual drinker needs to know.

You'll quickly figure out what you like, why you like it and how to describe that to other people, especially the clerk in your local wine shop.

You'll also discover wines you've (probably) never tried before, but definitely should, plus the best pairings, tasting tips and more, including:

· How to smell and taste wine like a pro
· What words like “acidic,” “tannic” and “dry” mean
· How to read a wine label (and what words to keep an eye out for)
· What a decanter is, and why you should use one
· What a “dessert” wine is

Featuring insights and advice from wine experts Adam Teeter (VinePair), Kevin Zraly (Windows on the World), Paul Grieco (Terroir), Yannick Benjamin (University Club), Rupal Shankar and sommelier Courtney Schiessl, Find Your Wine is a bright, informative and unpretentious introduction to the world of wine.

Kaytie Norman is a writer and editor. She has ghost-written more than a dozen non-fiction books, as well as numerous special interest publications.

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