Fermentación / Fermentation

Nerea Zorokiain Garin

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Publisher: Grijalbo Ilustrados
ISBN: 9788418007071
Cover type: Hardcover
Publish date: 8/18/2020

Learn to ferment at home from scratch and get back the health of your digestive system.

Fermentation will open the doors to a way of cooking that you never would have imagined.

With some vegetables, salt, time, and a lot of desire, you will be able to create simple and tasty dishes while taking care of your microbiota’s health thanks to fermentation, a process that transforms nutrients from food into natural probiotics.

Nerea Zorokiain Garín, one of Spain’s greatest specialists in this culinary technique, teaches you how to take advantage of the art of preserving: key techniques, basic tools, practical tips, and recipes that are very easy to incorporate into your day-to-day life, designed both for beginners as well as those with previous knowledge who want to go one step further.

Eating live food will make you flourish inside and out.

NEREA ZOROKIAIN GARÍN es cofundadora, profesora y consultora macrobiótica en el Instituto Macrobiótico Nishime. Es profesora en la Universidad pública de Navarra, en el Instituto Macrobiótico de España y en el Instituto Macrobiótico de Portugal.

Imparte conferencias, charlas, showcookings a nivel nacional e internacional, y es colaboradora en un programa semanal en EITB sobre nutrición. Lleva años especializándose en fermentación, uno de sus grandes intereses, y desarrollando diferentes proyectos relacionados con el tema.

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