Mikkel Karstad

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Publisher: Clearview
ISBN: 9781908337504
Cover type: Hardcover
Publish date: 12/8/2020

Deligious vegetarian recipes using ingredients grown and foraged by chef Mikkel Karstad with stunning photography by Anders Schoennemann.

‘Evergreen’ symbolizes something that will last for years and never goes out of fashion. More and more people are focusing on eating green in their daily lives and Mikkel introduces vegetable recipes to inspire. What makes vegetables exciting is that they really change character and taste according to the seasons. In summer a carrot should be pulled from the ground, lightly rinsed and eaten as it is - completely spicy, tender, crisp and juicy.

While in late Autumn, when it has been in the ground for a long while enduring weather and wind, and has become big, coarse but sweet in taste, it should be used in a delicious soup, purée or baked to enhance the wonderful sweetness it has developed. Photographed by Anders Schoennemann as the seasons have move on and new vegetables become ready to harvest, the daylight changes as the long, bright summer evenings became clear autumn days.

They enjoyed the most beautiful sunrises, the tranquility of frosty ice-cold mornings, and often the day's first meal was cooked over fire. Mikkel has managed to make easy, tasty and beautiful vegetable dishes that will make the most carnivorous to appreciate a green meal.

Mikkel Karstad is a visionary. The top chef has a dream: of people knowing where their food comes from – from the forest, the river, the pasture – and how to prepare it. As a six-year-old he learns from his grandmother – cook on a Danish island – how to catch and fry fish, preferably over a fire on the beach. Karstad's grandmother always waited until the fishermen brought in their catch and the market showed what was on the plate. That is Karstad's ideal, his role-model.

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