Essential Instant Vortex Air Fryer Oven Cookbook

Donna-Marie Pye

$17.96 $19.95
Publisher: Robert Rose
ISBN: 9780778806745
Cover type: Paperback
Publish date: 9/10/2020

The creators of Instant Pot® have launched the next new sensation, The Instant™ Vortex™ Air Fryer Oven, and this is one of the first official cookbooks on the market to go with it.

The Instant™ Vortex™ Air Fryer Oven is the brand-new small appliance from the creators of Instant Pot®, easily the most popular home appliance of the last decade. What does the new Instant™ Vortex™ Air Fryer Oven do? It air fries, bakes, roasts, toasts, broils, dehydrates and also includes a rotisserie function -- all in a unit not much bigger than a toaster oven. It's on deck to be the next great trend, the kitchen appliance of the 2020s. And Essential Instant™ Vortex™ Air Fryer Oven Cookbook can help you get the most from it.

Created by best-selling cookbook author Donna-Marie Pye, this book will show you how to make Coconut Shrimp or Crispy Brussels Sprouts in your Instant™ Vortex™ Air Fryer Oven, using 95 percent less oil. You'll also learn to bake perfect Jalapeno Lime Halibut; dehydrate fruit; and even prepare a rotisserie chicken or standing rib roast for your whole family. Essential Instant™ Vortex™ Air Fryer Oven Cookbook gives you more than 100 delicious recipes and all the details you'll need to achieve the best results with your new Instant™ Vortex™ Air Fryer Oven.

Donna-Marie Pye is a best-selling author of four cookbooks with more than 300,000 copies in print -- America's Best Slow Cooker Recipes, The Best Family Slow Cooker Recipes, 300 Slow Cooker Favorites and 300 Slow Cooker Winners.

In her 20-year career in the food industry, Donna-Marie has worked with companies such as Kraft Foods. She now creates recipes and acts as a media spokesperson for Piller's Fine Foods, Maple Leaf Foods, California Raisins, Dare and others. She is co-owner of Relish Cooking Studio, in Waterloo, Canada.

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