Electric Smoking Cookbook for Beginners

Jonathan Collins

$16.19 $17.99
Publisher: Rockridge Press
ISBN: 9781641529976
Cover type: Paperback
Publish date: 5/12/2020

A beginners' guide to smoking using an electric smoker that provides readers with a practical introduction to this appliance, accessible techniques on the process, and essential recipes.

The tastes and smells of a roadside smokehouse, without ever striking a match

Keep the same robust fragrance and distinct taste of an old-school wood smoker and bypass the hassle with the simple touch of a button. The Electric Smoking Cookbook for Beginners covers the terminology, techniques, and fundamentals of smoking, along with 100 mouthwatering recipes that will quickly take you from a novice to a smoking master.

Learn the tips and tricks every professional smoker uses to achieve great results—from preparation, injecting, brining, and wood selection to the smoking process. Enjoy a variety of recipes including Smoked Memphis Ribs and Applewood Smoked Chicken Wings along with many others containing modern, international ingredients and flavors. The Electric Smoking Cookbook for Beginners will allow you to graduate into a well-seasoned backyard electric smoker!

Inside this smoking cookbook you’ll find:

  • King of the grill—Impress your friends with the history of electric smoking, fun smoking terminology, and even the science behind how meat cooks faster in an electric smoker.
  • The “casual” smoker—Learn the many conveniences of electric smokers, including the ability to control temperatures and times with a remote control in this smoking cookbook.
  • Get sidetracked—With pairing tips and recommended sides for smoked meats, you’re in for more than just the main course.

Learn how to get all the wonderful tastes minus the hassle with The Electric Smoking Cookbook for Beginners.

Chef Jonathan Collins is known for his enthusiastic, approachable, international style of cooking that resonates with viewers on shows like Cityline, CTV Morning Live Ottawa, and The Shopping Channel.

He strips away the complexity of cooking with his methods of using fewer ingredients, sure-fire techniques, and a return to passionate, healthy, and simple cooking.

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