Eating Vegetarian

Alissa Bilden Warham

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Publisher: Rockridge Press
ISBN: 9781646116461
Cover type: Paperback
Publish date: 4/21/2020

This is the most authoritative cookbook for new vegetarians (and their non-vegetarian family members) as they make the transition. Our book will offer an information-packed guide to help them get started and recipes to make for nutritionally balanced meals everyone will enjoy.

An introduction to vegetarian cooking your whole family will savor

Becoming a vegetarian just got easier and tastier. Eating Vegetarian features 75 meat-free recipes to get you going–plus tips on how to successfully make the switch, nutritional guidance, and more. Specifically designed for beginners, this vegetarian cookbook will help you on your road toward a healthy vegetarian diet full of plant-based meals.

Feast on dishes that range from simple snacks to hearty mains. Along with meat-free makeovers of some of your favorites like sushi and pasta Bolognese, you’ll find kitchen tool considerations, tips for healthy ingredient swaps, and recommendations for picky eaters.

This vegetarian cookbook includes:

  • A complete resource—This information-packed vegetarian cookbook includes recipe labels, substitution tips, time-saving cooking strategies, meal suggestions, and other helpful tidbits.
  • Lasting health—An overview of wellness benefits will help get everyone excited about sitting down to a veggie-powered meal.
  • Nutritional know-how—Use a complete list of dietary pointers to make sure you’re getting all the proper nutrients from the recipes in this vegetarian cookbook.

In the world of vegetarian cookbooks, Eating Vegetarian stands out because of its easy and delicious recipes.

Alissa and Steve Warham are the founders of the plant-based food and drink blog Meatless Makeovers, which specializes in recreating traditional recipes they grew up with for a meat-free diet.

They live in Brooklyn and find recipe inspiration from the diverse cultures and cuisines of the city.

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