Easy Spanish Cookbook

Norema Salinas

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Publisher: Rockridge Press
ISBN: 9781646117864
Cover type: Paperback
Publish date: 9/29/2020

This is a Spanish-cuisine cookbook with traditional recipes made simpler for the American home cook via accessible ingredients, simple instruction, and at a novice cooking skill level and up.


Bring the flavors of Spain home—delicious dishes that anyone can make

You don’t have to live in Spain to recreate its savory delicacies in your very own kitchen. The Easy Spanish Cookbook helps chefs of all skill levels serve up a flavorful variety of classic Spanish dishes.

Covering everything from tapas, pintxos, and other small plates to rice, meat, and seafood entrees, this beginner-friendly Spanish cookbook sets you up for long-term culinary success. Learn how to stock a kitchen perfect for preparing Spanish food—no shopping at specialty grocers required. This Spanish cookbook is even filled with tips to help you integrate more traditional ingredients and create regional variations.

The Easy Spanish Cookbook includes:

  • 60 Spanish favorites—Delight friends and family with iconic Spanish delicacies, including Mixed Paella, Bay Scallop Pie, and Catalonian Fish Stew.
  • Regional overviews—Journey from Catalonia to Galicia with a Spanish cookbook that takes you across the whole of Spain.
  • Easy-to-find ingredients—Enjoy recipes that deliver authentic flavors without relying on hard-to-find specialty ingredients.

Start on the road to mastering Spanish cuisine with this Spanish cookbook.

Norema Salinas is an international food maven specializing in Spanish food, culture, and entertainment.

She started a pioneering Spanish catering company, Norema Salinas Catering.

Although she now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, she spent a great portion of her life in Madrid and traveled extensively throughout Spain with her husband and three children.

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