Easy Cooking with Your Ninja® Foodi

Kristy Bernardo

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Publisher: Page Street Publishing
ISBN: 9781645671848
Cover type: Paperback
Publish date: 11/24/2020

This approachable guide from best selling author Kristy Bernardo teaches you to cook with the Foodi Ninja, a new pressure cooker + air fryer in one that is exploding in popularity, with straightforward recipes that maximize on flavor.


Kristy Bernardo, bestselling author of Weeknight Cooking with your Instant Pot® and Cooking from Frozen in your Instant Pot®, is a trusted voice in special-appliance cooking, and in this beginner-friendly book she teaches audiences the in’s and out’s of cooking with the Ninja Foodi multi cooker.

The Ninja Foodi is an up and coming kitchen appliance that combines all the functions of the Instant Pot with an air fryer in one convenient, cost-effective device that is sure to outshine the competition as it continues to gain popularity. This collection will teach the growing number of Ninja Foodi owners the basics of using their appliance with easy recipes that utilize all of the Ninja Foodi’s special functions for perfectly tender and crispy meals no other appliance can mimic.

Most recipes combine pressure-cooking and air frying—the main draw to the appliance—plus there’s a handful of all-air-fried dishes. Make a Smoked Paprika Whole Chicken in just half an hour that is both roasted and baked for fall-off-the-bone meat with great texture. Smoky Tamale Pie comes together easily by sautéing a tex-mex filling, then baking a cornbread topping right on top, all in the same pot, without any pausing or extra clean up required. Thousands of Ninja Foodi owners will hail this helpful, introductory guide to using their new multi cooker!

This book will have 75 recipes and 75 photos.


Kristy Bernardo is the bestselling author of Weeknight Cooking with your Instant Pot® and Cooking from Frozen in your Instant Pot® as well as the co-author of The Big Book of Instant Pot® Recipes.

Her forthcoming book, Weeknight Keto, releases in December 2019. Kristy is the creator of popular cooking blog, The Wicked Noodle. She currently lives in Ashburn, Virginia.

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