Drink Better Beer

Joshua M. Bernstein

$22.46 $24.95
Publisher: Sterling Epicure
ISBN: 9781454933113
Cover type: Hardcover
Publish date: 9/17/2019

Increase your beer IQ with this insider look at how to sip superior suds, written by one of America’s foremost beer experts.

Winner of the Gourmand Award in the Beer category (US).

With thousands of breweries creating a dizzying array of beers each year, learning from the experts is practically a necessity for the modern beer lover. Luckily, beer guru Joshua M. Bernstein is here to tap their wisdom for you, with sage advice about which brews to buy, how to taste your suds, and what to eat with them. Drink Better Beer features the must-know insights of more than 100 professionals, including competition judges, beer consultants, and master brewers. Find out how to shop clever by heeding two simple rules.

Learn the art of selecting the right glass, cleaning it, and executing the perfect pour. Make sense of all those aromas with just a couple of sniffing tricks. Unlock the taste secrets of different styles, learn when to drink and how to know if your favorite beer store is treating their beer the way they should. Beer is getting complicated—Drink Better Beer will give you the confidence to buy smart and enjoy your pour even more.

Joshua M. Bernsteinis one of America’s foremost beer, spirits, food, and travel journalists and the author of Brewed Awakening, The Complete Beer Course, and Complete IPA (Sterling Epicure). His work appears regularly in newspapers, magazines, and websites, including TheNew York Times, New York magazine, Men’s Journal, Bon Appétit, Saveur, Beer Advocate, Draft, Wine Enthusiast, and Imbibe, where he oversees beer coverage as contributing editor.

Beer Sessions Radio, CNBC, Fox Business, and NPR’s Marketplace have featured him as a beer expert, and he consults for breweries, bars, and bottle shops and leads private tasting seminars and tours. He lives with his wife and daughter in Brooklyn.

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