Culinary Herbs

Yvonne Tremblay

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Publisher: Whitecap Books
ISBN: 9781770503359
Cover type: Paperback
Publish date: 2/26/2021

"If you've ever wondered what an herb is, how to grow or save your herbal crop, how to safely make herb oils and vinegars or how to enhance your cooking with herbs, then this is the book for you. Yvonne Tremblay offers comprehensive information that will appeal to novices and experts alike."
-- Dana McCauley, food editor of

Yvonne Tremblay has been teaching people how to cook with fresh herbs for years. Most people use only two or three herbs when cooking, and their scant knowledge doesn't include how to harvest, wash, chop or store fresh herbs.

In Culinary Herbs, Yvonne shows how fresh fragrant herbs can transform the simplest dishes. Neatly divided into two parts, it includes an herb primer (how to grow, harvest and store culinary herbs, with a section on capturing the flavor of fresh herbs for later use, in oil, vinegar, butter, honey and sugar) and a much larger part on cooking with herbs.

Become an expert on making basil pesto; roast a chicken stuffed with rosemary, thyme and sage; whip up salsas and savory sauces; revel in risotto; linger over lavender shortbread or ice cream; sink into a minted mango mousse. Whatever you decide to try, your taste buds are in for a treat!

Yvonne Tremblay is the author of Culinary Herbs.

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