Craft Beer Brewing


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Publisher: Lannoo Publishers
ISBN: 9789401464789
Cover type: Hardcover
Publish date: 12/9/2019

  • The best Belgian craft brewers
  • Learn to brew your own beer, including recipes for the accessible 'brew-in-a-bag' method
  • Get to know the craziest beer makers of this moment

A new wind is blowing through the rich Belgian beer landscape, loosely inspired by the American and international craft beer revolution. The latest batch of Belgian brewers are reconciling tradition with experimentation in a varied, seemingly inexhaustible, stream of new beers.

This book tracks the current scene and follows the author as he brews the most popular beers in his kitchen. Included here are recipes and instructions for an accessible 'brew-in-a-bag' method of making craft beer at home. You'll discover the brewing secrets of cutting edge producers like Dok Brewing Company, Resistance, Cabardouche, L'Ermitage and many others.

Jeroen Bert is a freelance editor, beer fanatic and hobby brewer.

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