Cook, Eat, Run

Charlie Watson

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Publisher: Quadrille Publishing
ISBN: 9781787134294
Cover type: Paperback
Publish date: 2/4/2020

Cook, Eat, Run offers a no-nonsense approach to eating for runners and athletes of all levels. From filling breakfasts and high-protein snacks to post-run energy fixes and speedy suppers, it's an essential companion for anyone looking to seize control of their fitness regime. Featuring 70+ simple recipes suitable for eating solo or for dining with friends, Cook, Eat, Run provides meals that work with your lifestyle rather than against it, whether you're a 'Couch-to-5K' newbie or a pro-runner.

There's a section dedicated to on-the-go fuel including homemade energy gels, hydration drinks and energy bars, alongside recipes from elite runners including Sara Hall, Kara Goucher and Molly Huddle, making it a must-read for anyone totting up their miles.

No fads. No calorie counting. Just real food for real runners.

Charlie Watson is a British runner, soon-to-be Registered Dietitian and award-winning blogger. With thousands of training miles under her belt, she has completed 12 marathons and become a Six Star Finisher by completing all the Marathon Majors. She is a firm believer that anyone can run a marathon.

Having worked in the cooking department at Good Housekeeping, Charlie knows her way around a kitchen, and it was here that she discovered her love for making healthy food simple.

Her award-winning fitness and lifestyle blog The Runner Beans, which champions fad-free, accessible wellbeing, has an Instagram following of over 50,000.

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