Stuart Farrimond

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Publisher: DK
ISBN: 9781465486844
Cover type: Hardcover
Publish date: 7/30/2019

The main cooking techniques, tricks and preparations explained thanks to science.

The fundamental concepts of the kitchen revealed together with practical tips and step-by-step techniques, which will make your kitchen a true laboratory. Find the answers to the questions that until now had no solution with chapters dedicated to the main foods and preparations: meat, poultry, fish, legumes and cereals or vegetables among others.

Find out that you don't have to marinate the meat overnight, that soaking the spices makes them more aromatic, that the nuts roast better in the microwave, and that the salt helps you achieve perfect poached eggs. Take your hobby to the next level and give your cooking a twist.

With an inspiring foreword by the author Dr. Stuart Farrimond who delights us with his talented and absolutely vocational gaze, this reading will be a discovery for anyone who, like him, feels that cooking for others brings more happiness than the pleasure of eating. "My goal, reader, is to accompany you to discover the science of food and cooking and let all your creativity boil."

Use science and cook like a chef!

Delve into the wonderful world of the art of cooking with this magnificent cookbook. Enjoy this reading in which you will learn rituals and processes that accompany the cuisine of the most renowned chefs in the world of gastronomy. At the same time, reading encourages you to explore cooking from your maximum creativity, and invent your own dishes, being part of the evolution of the kitchen.

In addition, this book is illustrated with powerful images and diagrams, and answers more than 160 culinary puzzles based on the latest studies to provide practical solutions. It shows that science can be a vehicle to better appreciate the wonders that we experience every day in the kitchen. All this, in an informal language and with hardly any technicalities.

The perfect complement to your recipe book, where you will find the answers to questions that until now had no solution through the following chapters:

Taste and flavor.

Kitchen basics.

Meat and poultry.

Fish and seafood.

Eggs and dairy.

Rice, cereals and pasta.

Fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Aromatic herbs, spices and oils.

Baked and sweet.

Dr Stuart Farrimond is a medical doctor turned science communicator and food scientist and is author of the DK bestsellers The Science of Cooking (2017) and Science of Spice (2018).

He is a science and medical writer, presenter, and educator. He makes regular appearances on TV, radio, and at public events, and his writing appears in national and international publications, including The Independent, The Daily Mail, and New Scientist.

Since 2017, Dr Stu has been the food scientist for BBC's much-loved show Inside the Factory, hosted by Gregg Wallace and Cherry Healey.

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