Cocina delicioso con Chef Yisus / Cook Deliciously with Chef Yisus

Chef Yisus

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Publisher: Grijalbo Ilustrados
ISBN: 9781949061987
Cover type: Paperback
Publish date: 3/24/2020

Beloved Chef Yisus from Univision’s morning TV show Despierta América, invites you to prepare easy recipes that you can whip up on a daily basis. He also reveals the history behind each one his secrets so that you too can cook like a chef.

Through this book, Chef Yisus sneaks into your kitchen to help you prepare exquisite dishes in an easy and fun way. Each recipe is seasoned with dashes from his memories and personal stories: flavors from his childhood, the meals of his first years as an emigrant, his experiences on television, and of course, his family life.

With everyday ingredients and step-by-step instructions, Chef Yisus will help you make delicious meals that fuse tradition and innovation. In Cook Deliciously with Chef Yisus, you will learn that oatmeal is a very versatile ingredient and that, incredibly, there are many ways to fry an egg; you will notice that the Colombian soup ajiaco tastes like Colombian music, and France like cheese with nuts; you will discover that lasagna can be prepared with cassava instead of pasta, and that empanadas can be made of lentil. Thus, with each recipe this book will take you on a well-seasoned tour through the flavors of your memory.

Do you dare to cook with him? Come on, he’s inviting you to come into his kitchen and his life!

Jesús Díaz was born in Caracas, Venezuela. In 2000 he migrated to the United States along with his older brother with the illusion of becoming a professional baseball player. He played baseball until college and, although he studied journalism for television, he always worked in the restaurant industry.

First for the IHOP chain where, without his parents and like many immigrants starting a new life, he had to start washing dishes and then became a cook. Several years later, having mastered the language better, he had a job opportunity at Gordon Food Service, a food and supply distribution company, as a specialist and consultant. In 2012, Jesús opened his own restaurant, Ikura Sushi Lounge, in Coral Gables - his first business.

His life changed when in 2017 he was invited to the Univision network's Despierta América program to cook and talk about his restaurant. After doing some tests before the cameras, he became the beloved Chef Yisus of the highest-rated show on Hispanic television in the United States.

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