Irina Georgescu

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Publisher: Interlink Books
ISBN: 9781623719548
Cover type: Hardcover
Publish date: 5/4/2020

The first book to celebrate the culturally diverse and delicious cuisine of Romania. A true fusion of East and West, where traditional recipes are given a truly modern twist.

Romania is a true cultural melting pot, its character rooted in many traditions from Greek, Turkish, and Slavic in the south and east, to Austrian, Hungarian, and Saxon in the north and west.

Carpathia, the first book from food writer Irina Georgescu, aims to introduce readers to Romania’s unique, bold and delicious cuisine. Bringing the country to life with stunning photography and recipes, it will take the reader on a culinary journey to the very heart of the Balkans, exploring Romania’s history, traditions, and food, one mouth-watering recipe at a time.

From chargrilled eggplants, polenta fritters, and butter bean hummus, to tangy bor?, stuffed breads, and Viennese-style layer cakes, this book is a true celebration of a country that’s never afraid to mix things up!

Irina Georgescu is a Romanian food writer and cooking instructor. She is behind the hugely successful blog Life in Small Bites. Her recipes are inspired by her mother, family members, and Romania's culinary heritage.

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