Cape Winelands

Peter De Leeuw

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Publisher: Stichting Kunstboak
ISBN: 9789058566270
Cover type: Hardcover
Publish date: 5/1/2020

  • Explore some of South Africa's top wineries in this fruitful collaboration of exquisite visuals and expert texts

Father De Leeuw took a gamble more than 40 years ago when he started importing wines from South Africa. It proved to be a decision that paid off. Today, son Peter is head of one of the most efficient wine import businesses in Belgium.

Kaapwijn Import De Leeuw represents a fine selection of South African top wineries (Almenkerk, Badenhorst, De Toren, Lismore, Meerlust, Rijk's, Steenberg, Warwick, Waterford) that not only produce beautiful wines, but are also well worth a visit.

As more and more wine-loving customers and conscious consumers were asking for the history and the stories behind the wineries, the domains and their winemakers, Peter De Leeuw decided to team up with photographer Henk van Cauwenbergh to criss-cross the Cape Winelands and capture everything that makes South African wine so different and alluring.

André Morgenthal, one of the country's leading wine specialists and founder of South African 'wine tourism', accompanied them on the tour and provided matching texts to the visuals. This fruitful collaboration resulted in Cape Winelands. The Art of Luxury Tasting, a feast for the eyes and an original starting point for a South African wine trip!

Text in English and Dutch.

Peter de Leeuw is the author of Cape Winelands.

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