Baby Food Maker Cookbook

Philia Kelnhofer

$15.29 $16.99
Publisher: Harmony
ISBN: 9781984824578
Cover type: Paperback
Publish date: 4/16/2019

From the device expert and mommy blogger behind, this is the first cookbook for the popular baby food maker device, with 125 recipes from purées to solids.

Mommy blogger Philia Kelnhofer is an expert at cooking up simple and nutritious meals for on-the-go families. But when it came time for her to introduce their first foods to her baby, she went through a period day of trial and error.

After making a mass batch of sweet potatoes only to see them spoil before her baby could eat more than a few tablespoons, she tried out the baby food maker, which steams and blends in one canister and makes small, baby-sized quantities of food. In ten minutes she had created delicious purées perfect for her baby—from a scrumptious apple cinnamon combo to a beet and carrot concoction.

The Baby Food Maker Cookbook is the perfect resource for parents who want to know what to feed the newest eaters in their families. Illustrated with 40-50 beautiful photographs, the cookbook will offer 125 recipes, organized by the timeframe for introducing foods over the first 12 months. There’s also introductory material including:

A guide to using the baby food maker

Nutrition information for introducing first foods

A calendar for tracking food introduction

Each recipe works for the most popular Baby Food Maker devices while also being flexible for a stovetop or a food processor. And Phi even includes recipes for adults, showcasing the surprising versatility of the device.

Philia Kelnhofer, a new mom and food blogger, is all about making mealtime a little easier for other busy people through simple and delicious recipes. She lives in Milwuakee, Wisconsin with her family, where she works full-time at natural products company True Botanica. Now that she’s a mom, she’s also dedicated her time to cooking up quick and healthy recipes for her newest and littlest member of her family.

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