Amazing Mexican Favorites with Your Instant Pot

Emily Sunwell-Vidaurri

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Publisher: Page Street Publishing
ISBN: 9781624147098
Cover type: Paperback
Publish date: 1/15/2019

Emily Sunwell-Vidaurri’s latest cookbook leverages the popularity of both Instant Pots and gluten-free eating with 80 recipes for Mexican dishes that are full of authentic flavors.

Enjoy the authentic flavors of Mexico with mouthwatering gluten-free recipes that are faster, healthier, and easier to prepare. Emily Sunwell-Vidaurri, the author behind the popular cookbook The Art of Great Cooking With Your Instant Pot, is back with more hit recipes for making the most of your multi-cooker. This time focusing on the wide appeal of Mexican cuisine, Sunwell-Vidaurri’s meals are gluten-free and bursting with authentic flavors.

With the help of her husband Rudy, who has Mexican-American roots and extensive experience in restaurant cooking, Sunwell-Vidaurri provides readers with a healthier twist on their favorite Mexican dishes, like Chile con Carne, Enchiladas Verdes, and Chili Relleno Dip. Gluten-free eating has never been so appetizing.

Considered the unofficial go-to gift this past holiday season, Instant Pots have become ubiquitous. But what do you make with this exciting new tool? Sunwell-Vidaurri answers that question with recipes that are approachable and easy to prepare, allowing readers to create impressive meals in just a fraction of the time so they can escape the kitchen and enjoy the company of their loved ones.

This book will have 80 recipes and 80 photos.

Emily Sunwell-Vidaurri is the author of The Art of Great Cooking With Your Instant Pot. She founded Recipes to Nourish, a gluten-free blog focusing on real food and natural living. Her recipes, cookbook and photography have been featured on, Food Republic and more. In 2017 she received the BITAN Award (Best in Traditional and Nourishing Foods Award). Rudy Vidaurri is Mexican-American and has extensive experience in restaurant cooking. Emily and Rudy live in Sacramento, California.

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