5-Ingredient Clean Eating Cookbook

Snezana Paucinac

$16.19 $17.99
Publisher: Rockridge Press
ISBN: 9781647397418
Cover type: Paperback
Publish date: 11/3/2020

This is the first five ingredient cookbook focusing on simple clean eating recipes enabling readers to easily learn the concepts and staple-recipes to adopt clean eating as a way of life using affordable, easy-to-source ingredients.

Embrace a simpler, healthier lifestyle by serving up these 125 recipes with 5 healthy ingredients

Get inspired to transition into the world of clean eating and reap the health benefits. The 5-Ingredient Clean Eating Cookbook enables you to make recipes with loads of fresh vegetables, whole grains, and just the right amount of lean meats and good fats.

Clean eating is not another fad diet, and this clean eating cookbook can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.

The key to the recipes in the 5-Ingredient Clean Eating Cookbook—like Baked Tuna Melts and Grilled Turkey Breast Marinated in Yogurt—is fresh fruits and vegetables; high-quality meat and dairy; and fewer processed foods. The result is more tasty, home-cooked meals that use only 5 ingredients!

Inside the 5-Ingredient Clean Eating Cookbook you’ll find:

  • Choose quality—Replace white-flour foods with whole-wheat and ancient grains, such as quinoa and buckwheat, and swap sodas for delicious teas.
  • Count on one hand—All the recipes in this clean eating cookbook use 5 clean, affordable, healthy, easy-to-source ingredients (with seasonal/regional substitutions as needed).
  • No withdrawals—You’ll find recipes for everyday clean eating without the feeling of diet detox.

Remix your favorite recipes with the 5-Ingredient Clean Eating Cookbook.

Snezana Paucinac's love for nutrition and healthy living led her to create a successful social media platform where she shares her recipes, nutritious meal ideas, and healthy living tips. With this cookbook, she hopes to inspire more people to see the beauty in cooking and homemade meals and to recognize that being healthy is not a chore but simply a beautiful lifestyle.

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