100 recetas de pan de pueblo: Ideas y trucos para hacer en casa panes de toda España / 100 Recipes for Town Bread: Ideas and tricks to make bread from all ove

Iban Yarza

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Publisher: Grijalbo Ilustrados
ISBN: 9788417338640
Cover type: Paperback
Publish date: 3/23/2020

The long-awaited recipes from the author of Town Bread to create all kinds of artisanal bread.

100 Recipes for Town Bread is a book as expected as it is unique, a wide catalog of recipes from the Spanish heritage of bread making.

For the first time, the formulas are explained with the home baker in mind, in a clear and simple way, with more than 800 photos, step by step, and with an inexhaustible repertoire of easy tricks and techniques.

From the hand of Ibán Yarza, one of the greatest teachers of homemade bread, we learn of the surprising variety of bread from all corners of the country, we are shown in an accessible way, the Galician bread with its juicy interior, the delicate crumb of white or French bread, the classic town loaf, olive oil wafers, but also the universe of sweet and salty cakes or pastries, with holiday classics like King cake, Saint Joan cake or Mallorca’s puff pastry, or seasonal specialties that use local, in-season products.

100 Recipes for Town Bread tackles, in a fun and enjoyable way, the mission to make public the treasure trove of traditional bread from all over Spain.

Ibán Yarza (Zaragoza, 1974) is curious and passionate about the dough, Bach, the bicycle and the birds. Communication and translation have long changed for the world of bread in its broadest sense.

Ibán is a true freak of flours and ferments, and today he spends his time traveling throughout Spain teaching the simple pleasure of making bread at home, although he also does it online, television, land, sea and air.

He is the author of the best-selling book on bread in Spain (Homemade bread) and has translated several classics on the subject (Made by hand, by Dan Lepard; and El pan, by Jeffrey Hamelman).

When he is not teaching courses, the easiest thing is to find him buried between mountains of books about his passion or dreaming while looking for tickets to travel above the 60 parallel.

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