Tom Buschman

Tom Buschman is a regular guy who has been searching a long time for a healthy eating strategy that would keep his weight in check, lower gus cholesterol, make him feel good.

He's had high cholesterol and his weight used to bounced around for most of his adult life. Tom has tried low-fat, high-fat, low-carb, high-carb, low-calorie, Mediterranean, vegetarian, and you name it, without any long-lasting effect, and often feeling hungry.

Since he has been living this lifestyle for more than three years his cholesterol has gone from a high of 280 to 160 at last check. He feels better, has more energy, and his weight is constant at or below his high school weight, with no dieting.

This is a food strategy, not a diet in the usual connotation of the word diet. Tom eats as much as he wants whenever he wants and Tom lives in Mentor, Ohio near Cleveland.

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