Stephanie Peterson

Introducing Chef Tess (aka Stephanie Petersen). People call Chef Stephanie Petersen "America's Baking Sweetheart" for a reason. She's real. She loves everyone...and she just loves life! She is the best friend and sister you always wanted. Stephanie is the host of "Cooking with Chef Tess" on the Heartland TV Network in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is the host of "The Clean Table" on The Culinary Channel via Roku and a frequent guest host on Culinary-TV (Warner Cable 48 mil viewer nationwide).

Stephanie is a classically trained chef. She attended Scottsdale Culinary Institute in 1995 and graduated shortly after marrying her husband Jace that year. For over 25 years, she's been involved heavily in the food industry.

She has worked in top resort bakeshops as a certified pastry chef, and in private catering and restaurants as an Executive Chef. She is currently working as a Corporate Executive Chef for Panhandle Milling (a flour and grain manufacturing company) as well as a food writer for various national level food manufacturers for their website and blog content.

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