Sivan Gavish

As a writer, Sivan’s goals are to provide thoughts, value, and passion for adventure. She is the creator of the blog The Olive Brunette, which is dedicated to giving readers an inside look into the city of Las Vegas. She has had the opportunity to go behind the scenes of some of the most iconic places in the valley, and strives to encourage others to embrace their city.

As a former teacher for the Clark County School District, Sivan has put her love of education for good use by educating people about the city of Las Vegas. In addition to writing, she enjoys photography and editing. She loves going to as many shows and events as possible, as well as spending time with her loving family.

Whether you love to eat, drink, relax or adventure, you can be sure Sivan can offer ideas on what to explore on your next visit. Her love for Las Vegas does not go unnoticed, and she has made it her mission to give you the ultimate tour of this internationally renowned major resort city

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