Maria Jose Martinez

M.ª JOSÉ MARTÍNEZ and VÍCTOR GARCÍA created in November 2010 the blog Las Recetas de MJ as an unpretentious space, where to host recipes and gastronomic experiences. A year and a half later they made the leap to YouTube. Since then, more than a million people have subscribed to the channel and the contents have been enriched and diversified: recipes, trips, restaurants, culture and series such as #LaMejorRecetaDeLaHistoria and #LaComidaEnElCine.

Cooks of the prestige of Albert Adrià or Martín Berasategui have passed through the channel; Recipes such as Ratatouille from the Pixar movie, New York Cheesecake, the eight most famous salads in the world or the original Sacher cake have been recreated, which have garnered millions of visits; A successful series on bread and pastries has been made with the master baker Xavier Barriga; and it has been around the world without leaving the kitchen through recipes from the five continents.

The recipes of the series #LaMejorRecetaDeLaHistoria and #LaComidaEnElCine are prepared by M.ª José, while Víctor is in charge of the historical part and the recording of the videos.

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