Chef Bosquet

Roberto Bosquet is passionate about cooking, firefighter and triathlete. His passion for gastronomy and seasonal ingredients and real food led him to create the successful healthy cooking blog Chef Bosquet.

Its star preparations range from healthy cakes and desserts to stews, paellas or salads that, for the most part, it cooks without gluten or refined flours and using quality foods or "superfoods", such as quinoa or chia.

In November 2018, he won The BestFoodie contest with his Instagram profile, which already has 169,000 followers. The jury valued their influence, the variety of the account, the technical quality of the photography, the innovation and the engagement.

In addition, in the sixth season of MasterChef, he was an advisor to the program and was in charge of solving the doubts of the followers about the use cooking, one of his main specialties.

Currently, he is preparing the opening of a healthy fast food restaurant, of which he will be the image and lead the kitchen.

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